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The Biblical Revelation of the Cross

Part One and Part Two

Part One first published by Oak Wood Publishing House and printed by Antony Rowe Ltd in 2006, ISBN 0-9551029-0-1. Parts One and Two now available in one online edition.

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‘Our view of God, as Christians, is coloured by our understanding of the crucifixion. It matters profoundly to us personally and corporately that we come to a better understanding.’

Introduction: To teach the truth of Christ is the great commission (Mat.28:19-20). Yet for many, the greatest truth of all – that ‘Jesus died for our sins’ – remains the greatest mystery. How can His blood provide forgiveness of sins?

As the Passover Lamb of God, on the eve of His death, after eating a meal with His disciples, Jesus took wine and poured it out for them, saying: ‘This is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins’ (Mat.26:28, NKJ). Somehow, His shed blood would allow many to be forgiven. He undertook to die for this reason, hot sale that through the sacrifice of His life, many would escape the condemnation of God for their sins. Commenting on the phrase: ‘life is in the blood’ (Lev.17:11), Leon Morris remarked that ‘life yielded up in death’ was the sacrificial meaning of ‘blood’ (The Cross in the New Testament, p.219). The blood, therefore, signifies the life that was given up for our sakes. We should also note that it was His ‘blood’ that His disciples were instructed to imbibe – meaning, of course, His life. The apostles would have understood the wine as having this significance, yet it was a sacrificial life. The drinking of this wine also signified ‘the Lord’s death’ (1 Cor.11:26, NKJ).

Still, the question remains: ‘How can the blood of Christ – poured out when He gave up His life in crucifixion – be the means of our forgiveness?’ How can it be understood that He died for our sins? (…continue:  ‘Introduction)

Norman McIlwain

A share in ministry

In publishing Part One of this book in print and now as an expanded edition online, together with Part Two, I have wished to follow the instruction: ‘Freely you have received, freely give’ (Mt.10v8). To those who have made private requests, the initial publication of Part One of the book was sent without any charge to the recipients and was distributed not only within the UK but also to persons requesting the book in other countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The printed version is important – if not essential – to dissemination, as not everyone has access to a computer or has the inclination to read the whole of a book online.

The online edition of the book (containing Parts One & Two) is currently made available only online through bible-study-online.org, but it is hoped that this will also receive publication in print, pending finance.

Having freely received, some have felt the desire to also freely give and to contribute towards costs.

It would be wrong of me to deny others this opportunity – as, in effect, this is also one way of allowing others to share in this ministry and to promote the Gospel. For these reasons, anyone who wants to make a financial contribution can now do so online (see below).

Sincere thanks is given for any donation, in Jesus’ name.

God bless you!

Norman McIlwain

22nd February, 2010

“May God direct you in your efforts and bless you as fellow-servants in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations. May ‘The Biblical Revelation of the Cross’ bless your understanding and discipleship in Christ. To God be the glory. Amen.”

The Biblical Revelation of the Cross: First published by Oak Wood Publishing House and printed by Antony Rowe Ltd in 2006, ISBN 0-9551029-0-1.